Garden Services

Relax and let us keep your garden looking beautiful

Fertilising and Weed Control

Fertilising is a very useful and quick service we offer. We expertly spread fertilizer over the lawn. Within a week, you will see a greener, healthier lawn. We also offer weed control to get rid of any unwanted plants. Our servicemen are trained in using the products so no harm is done to your own or neighbouring plants. Initially, treatments are usually followed up two weeks later to ensure all weeds have been successfully eradicated. 


Been hit by a storm, had a working bee or been busy in the garden on the weekend? We can provide you with a complete mulching service either leaving you with clippings around the base of your trees, or taken away.

Hedging and Pruning

Hedging: There is little in the garden that looks more beautiful than perfect hedges. Andrew's Affordable Mowing Service use commercial grade equipment designed to give neat cuts and straight lines. We also specialise in shaping topiaries and unusual designs.

Pruning: Whether you need a general tidy up or you have a jungle to tackle- it's amazing what a bit of well planned pruning can do. We will get to those high and awkward places. Best of all, we will take the excess branches and clippings away.


Are you having trouble keeping the grass out of the garden or the mulch off the grass? Or perhaps you would like a garden but don't have one? We can help! Our edging service will add stunning neat edges to your garden landscape. 

Basic Pressure Cleaning

Take your driveway, decks or paths from looking tired and messy, to almost like brand new with our basic pressure cleaning service. We can fix it up making the entrance to your property lovely and eye-catching. Ideal for when you want to sell your property.

Blowing & Vacuuming

We not only cleans paved areas but it will also remove leaves and debris from garden beds leaving them looking crisp and clean.